Agile Games West Session - Bernie Maloney

What did they *Really* Want?
Bottom Line Impacts of Customer Collaboration

Have you ever heard a customer say “That’s what I asked for, but not what I wanted / needed.”? Do you wish your teams, your stakeholders or your clients tangibly grasped the impact of collaboration and direct engagement? Would you like to be able to demonstrate those benefits with evidence?

This hands on workshop will focus on the impact of Collaboration over Contracts to business outcomes. Through 3 sprints of producing simple products, participants will get a feel for the difference between what customers say they want, and what they truly wanted. They’ll see what it really can mean to Welcome Changing Requirements. And we’ll explore how easily and often we might encounter tendencies that distract us from Collaboration. We’ll wrap up with data collected through prior workshops that can be used to demonstrate the bottom line improvements that can come when we focus on collaboration and communication with customers.

This workshop is targeted at early stage product owners, product managers and delivery teams. Coaches, Managers and Executives may benefit from the data demonstrating the positive impacts to business outcomes, especially when encountering stakeholders and customers skeptical of or resistant to interacting directly or regularly with delivery teams.

Want to deliver what customers truly want? Come experience and see first hand the impact on business outcomes of a focus on Collaboration over Contracts.

You'll come away with a treasure trove of new ideas for team-building and gamifying your work.

So grab your magnifying glass and your deerstalker hat, your Indiana Jones whip and your weather-worn fedora. The hunt for team trust is on!

                   Bernie Maloney

                   Bernie Maloney

Bernie Maloney is an international speaker, coach and trainer who's helped grow businesses from break even to beyond $100M. The self-directed teams he's helped build have delivered award winning electronics and services, both to consumers and to businesses. Bernie teaches Agile Product Development at Stanford Continuing Studies, drawing on over 25 years experience with firms like Bell Telephone Laboratories, HP, TiVo and Good Technology. A passionate believer in leading through influence rather than authority, Bernie believes a little structure goes a long way, and that Accelerating Genius is possible in just about any leader, any team, and even any conference.