Agile Games West Session - Emilia Breton

The Change Game

In traditional project management we are all taught to toss up as many barriers to change as we can. Change is something to be feared and avoided; it is the killer of projects. Whereas in agile adapting and responding to change is at the root of each framework. In today’s modern agile environments, conditions, requirements, tools and even the overall goals can change overnight. Fear of change is often at root resistance to change. This game helps teams practice embracing change in a fun, safe space.

Fluxx is the card game with ever changing rules that often leave the game teetering on the edge of chaos, which makes it the perfect fun analog for an agile project.


                 Emilia Breton

                 Emilia Breton

Emilia Breton is a natural-born Agile thinker who managed to swim out of the PMI waterfall almost a decade ago. As the head of the PMO at a major non profit I am constantly looking for new ways to build better software and make the world a better place. I am passionate gamer who believes that teams who play together can accomplish anything. I have the CSP, CSM, and CSPO certifications from the SCRUM Alliance. In the little spare time I have left, I run an actor's troupe.