Agile Games West is a brand-new, one-day conference focused on how games help groups be more effective in teaching, improving and transforming organizations. We are all about how serious games help a group meet their business goals while creating an environment for extraordinary teams.


Our inaugural conference launches on 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This is just before Agile Open NorCal.  Join us & be able to say you were there "when it all started!" 


The is the first agile games-focused conference on the U.S West Coast.  Join us in beautiful Berkeley, California.

Who Should Join Us

Agile Games West is for Agile practitioners, enthusiasts, and interested by-standers with all levels of experience in using serious games in business. This conference is for agile coaches, business leaders, facilitators, consultants and team members who want to exchange ideas about agile games, experience the power of agile games or learn how to get started.