Agile Games West Session - Paul Wynia

Agile Metaphors using LEGO Serious Play

When we use metaphors we transform people's understanding of a topic and allow them to relate better to our material. Metaphors can create a vivid painting in our mind's eye and add depth to shallow understanding.

Using LEGO® Serious Play®, explore the power to creatively describe common Agile practices and processes, allowing for fresh insight into the challenges we face in our work.  Using metaphors in these ways can help unlock a shared understanding, build empathy, and create connections.

These metaphors can then be applied in your next Retrospective, Agile Training, and even your Planning Sessions.  Add new tools to your toolbox that will engage and entertain your teams.

                     Paul Wynia

                     Paul Wynia

Paul Wynia is an Agile Coach and Consultant with Work Agile Consulting.  He is a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and co-host of the Agile Games Podcast.  He is a firm believer of the value of using Agile Games and Simulation to improve learning and team collaboration.